You're stranded on a deserted island with 3 books. Which ones are they?

SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS by Mary Balogh because it took the entire 6-book series to finally get to his story and it was absolutely awesome. And his name's Wulfric, which I love!

MY ONE AND ONLY by Kristan Higgins. Funny, funny, sweet & funny. I'm talking ugly laughing here; face-scrunched-tears-flowing-and-nose-running kind of laugh. And then I snickered for days afterward just thinking about it. When Harper called Nick 'Florence'. . .seriously. . .still makes me laugh.

MONTANA SKY by Nora Roberts for three reasons. It's an autographed copy, I love how she brings three different stories together, and it has my all-time favourite opening line: 'Being dead didn't make Jack Mercy less of a son of a bitch.' -- I mean, come on, brilliant, right?

Is the setting used in the Friends First series ?

Yes and no. The town of Newport Ridge is a fictionalized town based on a small town in southwestern British Columbia. I used a similar layout of the town and included some of its actual landmarks and events, but anyone who's familiar with the area will recognize the discrepancies right away. Artistic license is a beautiful thing. :o)

What's one of your most memorable author experiences?

I was at my very first writer's conference in Reno and had volunteered to hand out bags to the attendees. So there I was, minding my own business, checking names off the list when suddenly Julie Garwood walked up. In all honesty, it's possible that I blacked out because the only thing I remember is telling her I loved her.

To this day, I'm still shocked she didn't get a restraining order.

What's in your To-Be-Read pile?

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Molokai by Alan Brennert

When the Marquess Was Mine by Caroline Linden

Will Kit (the other sister from The Devil to Pay series) get her own story?

Kit's one of those characters who lurks in the back corner of my mind, poking me every once in a while to remind me she still has things to say (what a shock!), so yes, I do plan to write her story, too.